Real Estate Law

Buying a new home or property may be the largest financial decision you will ever make. Real estate transactions, even those involving residential property, can be complex. The laws surrounding them are constantly changing, making the need for a knowledgeable attorney necessary to ensure a smooth transaction that complies with all applicable regulations. Mr. Bernstein handles all types of real estate transactions, from contracts associated with new construction to clients purchasing a new home to mortgage refinancings.

Integral to the use of real estate is the right of the owner to use land in the way the owner desires and expects, which requires an understanding of municipal zoning and planning ordinances. Zoning rules dictate what a given piece of land can be used for, the height or setback of an intended building and other issues related to the development and use of a structure. Variances or exceptions may be granted by village boards in certain instances.

As a resident of Irvington for twenty years and a local business owner, Mr. Bernstein is tied in to the local market and ideally suited to assist you with your real estate needs. Furthermore, as a former Trustee of the Irvington Board of Trustees and Chairperson of the Irvington Business Improvement Committee, he has been involved with making changes to the Irvington Code in order to expedite and simplify the approval processes.